This is our specialty product and service. We’ve provided high‑quality diesel at competitive prices since the very beginning in 1980—and we don’t plan on stopping now. Our bulk delivery services are popular for agricultural operations and transportation companies, among others. We also offer limited seasonal products.

Diesel Products

  • Clear Diesel (taxable highway use)
    • #1 Clear Diesel
    • #2 Clear Diesel
  • Dyed “red” Diesel (Non-Highway use only)
    • #1 Dyed Diesel
    • #2 Dyed Diesel
  • Premier Diesel (#2 with performance additive)
Summer/Warm Weather Products
  • #2 Diesel (Clear or Dyed) or Dyed Premier Diesel (#2 with performance additive)
Winter/Cold Weather Products
  • #1 Diesel or Blend of your choice #1/#2 (Dyed and Clear)
  • P40-Hybrid (clear or dyed) with performance of #2, with cold weather protection comparable to #1.

*#1 and #2 may be blended for seasonal use. Talk to one of our professionals to discuss which blend may be right for you. Ask us about our special blends that may be available on a limited basis.


  • Fuel delivery
  • Seasonal diesel products
  • Seasonal gasoline products
  • Tanks (for sale and lease)
  • Parts and maintenance

Year-Round Gasoline

  • 87 octane with 10% ethanol
  • 87 octane without ethanol
  • Premium-91 octane without ethanol

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Propane Gas

We are your propane specialists. We provide propane and bulk delivery services to meet your needs, whether it’s for your home, business, or farm.

Propane Gas Cylinder Refills

Need it on your time? We’ll work with your schedule; drop off your portable tank on the way to work or run errands, we’ll fill it, and you can pick it up when you’re ready.


  • Propane delivery services
  • Propane drop-offs and refills
  • Tanks (for sale and lease)
  • Tank delivery and setup
  • Parts/maintenance

Benefits of Propane

  • It’s a certified clean fuel
  • Listed in the Clean Air Act
  • There’s lots of it
  • It’s affordable

Learn About Propane Safety

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With a growing demand for Methanol in the Bakken, we have added Methanol to our list of bulk products that we offer.


  • Methanol delivery services
  • Tanks (for sale and lease)
  • Tank delivery and setup
  • Parts/maintenance

Motor Oil & Industrial Lubricants

We offer a variety of motor oils & lubricants including Chevron, Mobil and Shell packaged products. Do you have a tank you need filled up? We also offer delivery of our most popular Chevron bulk products to your shop or field location.

If you need a storage tank, we have that too! Our oil tote lease-to-buy option is a low cost way to have the products you need on hand. Call us today for availability and pricing!

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